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EuCAP 2020

After a large number of consecutive exhibiting years at EuCAP, EMITE continues exhibiting at this outstanding European conference on antennas and propagation, which is hold this year at Copenhagen in Denmark from March 16-19, 2020. Come and visit us at B3-B4 Hall, Stand 15, Bella Centre Copenhagen, Denmark for getting a first-hand on our 5G (FR1+FR2 from 600MHz to 110GHz) and WLAN OTA test systems (Recent 11ax WiFi6E OTA).

EMITE has signed a new distribution agreements for Japan. Our customers in this country, particularly those using our 5G OTA test systems, are now served in a more personal manner, getting full use of local support and maintenance.

Please see the "Contact us" section in EMITE web page for the new EMITE branch contact details in Japan.

EMITE has signed a distribution agreement for Russia, a highly technical country in Europe. Russia aims to be at the cutting-edge in technology, cybersecurity and 5G communications in the next five years.

Please see the "Contact us" section in EMITE web page for the new EMITE branch contact details in Vietnam.

Opening 2At 17.30pm on November 21, 2019, the same day that, 114 years before, Albert Einstein published “Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?”, which later led him to discover the equivalence between mass and energy , and that, 325 years before, Voltaire was born, EMITE open its new HeadQuarters building at the Fuente Álamo High Tech Park, in the Region of Murcia, Spain. The Opening Ceremony was chaired by Her Excellency Mrs. Ana Martinez-Vidal, Regional Minister for Enterprise, Industry and Speaker of the Murcia Regional Government and Mr. Alejandro Diaz-Morcillo, Chancellor of the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena. Authorities were welcome by Prof. David Sanchez-Hernandez, the company founder, Mr. Lorenzo Martinez, CFO and Dr. Jose Garcia, CTO of EMITE. With 25 employees at the new HQ and 50 more around the globe, EMITE now has customers in all continents except Africa, providing the most advanced Over-The-Air Test Platforms for testing devices and antennas in all cellular and wireless technologies. EMITE has recently been selected by the largest US carrier and has received the approval by PTCRB for 5G RF OTA conformance testing.

EMITE H Series Test PlatformFour main wireless carriers operate in the United States. After the approval of EMITE E-Series Test Platform by one US carrier for 4G OTA testing of devices a few years ago, the EMITE H-Series 5G OTA Test Platform has now been selected by the largest US carrier for testing 5G devices over the air. The selection ends a lengthy and thorough evaluation with several platforms considered. Among the many EMITE-inherent technical advantages considered for the selection, an outstanding full-automation and complete system and instrument control GUI software capable of batch testing overnight, the integration of climatic-control, the use of different 3GPP-approved test methods, an astonishing 0.5 dB inter-lab repeatability and the ability to operate diverse signaling boxes were considered key factors. EMITE 5G OTA Test Platforms have also been recently listed at PTCRB, and can now be considered the state-of-the-art for 5G OTA testing. EMITE will open its USA branch office near New York shortly to complement Acentury Americas local teams in Dallas and San Francisco, and will serve its USA customers even better than before. A special price campaign for H-Series 5G OTA Test Platforms after PTCRB approval is scheduled to be launched within 2019. Stay tuned.


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