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Latest News and EMITE Releases






5G devices found 5dB appart in performance

With 0.5 dB STD repeatability differences across CATR systems in two different continents, EMITE has found that current commercial 5G devices exhibit RF OTA performance differences above 5 dB. The ability to independently test 5G device performance to meet market demands and enhance first generation 5G devices becomes of the outmost importance, and EMITE-unique signaling-box-independent CATR Test Platform for simultaneous FR1 and FR2 OTA testing represents the state of the art equipment for achieving an ever-increasing demand of high performance 5G devices.



PTCRB has approved at its PVG#86 meeting in Seoul the membership application by EMITE. EMITE has also been added to the PTCRB database as test vendor, and a set of 5G OTA RF Test Cases have been submitted for validation. It is the intention of EMITE to have its H-Series 5G OTA Test Platform testing 5G OTA RF, RRM and Protocol Test Cases within 2019. As a result, the EMITE H-Series 5G OTA Test Platform is expected to play a key role in PTCRB-certified OTA testing of 5G devices worldwide, bringing new terminals to market quickly, help developing new models and help improving existing models with a fully-automated single platform.


Banner Correo shanghai final

EMITE carries on exhibiting its 5G Solutions around the world. EMITE is one of the selected Spanish companies by Mobile World Capital to exhibit at MCW2019 Shanghai.

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EMITE carries on exhibiting its 5G OTA Test Solutions around the world. This time, EMITE will be present at the Wireless Japan 2019 exhibition in Tokyo (Japan) on May 29th-31st , 2019.

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EMITE will be exhibiting its 5G Solutions at the AMTA 5G event in Lund (Sweden) on May 7th, 2019.

The Antenna Measurement Techniques Association will be gathering top experts to present the ultimate technological developments in the industry at Lund University (Sweden).
The topic for this event is “5G – An Antenna and Measurement Perspective” and includes some of the industry’s top professionals sharing the latest developments in technology for testing 5G oriented devices.


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