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H300 2 web

H300 is a 5G OTA test system capable of simultaneous testing of Sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequencies under controlled temperature and humidity conditions with 3GPP-permitted DFF, CATR and SNF test methods covering 600 MHz to 110 GHz. The announcement is made public at page 100 of the February 2019 issue of Microwave Journal.


Minister visitMr. Pedro Duque, Spanish Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, visited UPCT Development and Technological Innovation Center (CEDIT) at Fuente Álamo High Tech Park where EMITE, the leading wireless OTA Test-System integration company is HeadQuartered, last Monday January 14th, 2019.

During the visit our CFO, Lorenzo J. Martínez-Moya departed with the Minister about EMITE expansion momentum, the new facilities under construction at the High Tech Park and why University support is critical for industrial expansion and successful business creation and consolidation for national GDP and Country economy growth.



mwj 4dradar 
EMITE announces the F-Series Hybrid AC/RC for 5G OTA on page 66 at the December issue of Microwave Journal. With frequencies of operation from 200 MHz up to 110 GHz, all the benefits of both worlds (Anechoic Chamber and Reverberation Chamber) are available, from standardized 3GPP 5G OTA testing with a climatic enclosure for KPIs vs temperature and humidity to overnight unsupervised isotropic KPIs up to 16x16 x 8DLCC NR NSA/SA. One chamber, two worlds, lets rock. See the announcement here.

Please use the "Contact us" section in EMITE web page for arranging a 5G OTA life testing demonstration at MWC2019 Barcelona.

EMITE has signed a distribution agreement for Vietnam, a country with some EMITE customers and many manufacturing sites. EMITE now directly serves the fastest-growing economy in south-east Asia, which has set its sights on becoming a developed nation by 2020.

Please see the "Contact us" section in EMITE web page for the new EMITE branch contact details in Vietnam.

EMITE was awarded by the Association of Telecommunications Engineers of the Region of Murcia, in Spain, the 2018 Outstanding Company award for its innovation capabilities and internationalization process. The award was collected by David A. Sanchez-Hernandez, Founder at an extraordinary event at Michelin-star-awarded La Cabaña restaurant in Murcia, who dedicated it to the company extraordinary working team.


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