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At the 2017 Achievement Award ceremony, Dr Bjarne Stroustrup received the IET Faraday Medal for his work on designing and implementing the C++ programming language, one of the most influential languages in the history of computing, and one key reason for the different achievements at EMITE. We gratefully thank Dr Stroustrup for his now awarded legacy.

Composicion Camaras 
EMITE releases the PT-Series small-size Reverberation Chambers, a one-of-its-own set of chambers for Production parallel Testing of up to 8 DUTs, the I-Series small-size Reverberation Chambers with the smallest footprint on the market for small-device OTA testing and low cost, ideal for W-IoT OTA research, development and compliance testing, and the worldwide-unique F-Series Hybrid Reverberation/Anechoic Chamber, capable of testing EMC, antennas, base stations, MIMO, W-IoT, Short-Range, WLAN, VDT-OTA, 2G to 4G and pre-5G testing in both reverberation and anechoic chamber modes up to 16x16 x 8DL CC, certainly the most-advanced OTA chamber that exist.

For more information browse through our renovated web page and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

e500 vdtota

EMITE is proud to announce the very first Virtual Drive Test Over The Air for 4G networks that can be made simply from your desk. Imagine you can re-run an existing drive test log file and get the same results in a repetitive manner so that you could check how some UE changes play a role on performance. Imagine you can re-run the exact same drive test that you did with device A but with a different device. Imagine you can do all that in a lab, from your desk. A real drive test made from your desk, and repetitive. Amazing. Welcome to EMITE VDT OTA test systems.

Press Release  VDT OTA Brochure  


EMITE will exhibit at Mobile World Congress America 2017. A worldwide's first will be released during the exhibition, pay attention to the news!

bcn copy

EMITE fiercely condemns the Barcelona terrorist attacks that happened yesterday. We stand with the victims and their relatives, and give our support to Spanish security forces and emergency services personnel who risk their lives trying to protect us from the madness of Jihadist terror.


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