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Our Mission

Contribute for a better world through innovation applied to technology creation itself, providing test systems, products and processes that ease improvement, efficiency and performance of wireless devices with multiple antennas that we use in our everyday life.






Our Vision


Become the leader in wireless device OTA test and measurement industry worldwide, acknowledged by its customers, employees and stake holders, with the aim of changing the way technology gets through our life.







Our WatchWords


More than just chambers

MIMO Measurements Made Simple







Our Values


qualityQUALITY is the KEY 
Obsessive continuous search for improving the quality of our products and services through customer feedback and first-quality provider selection, contributing for a better world of tomorrow.

hands cc0VALUE for MONEY
Continuous generation of confidence within long-term relationships to customers and future-world travel companions.

world cc0SET the DIFFERENCE 
From respect, humility, sacrifice and passion to change the world.

people cc0PUT-Into-Context VISION 
Dogmatic vision applied to business, with implications on based-on-facts decisions.

geishas cc0RESPECT and APERTURE 
Towards culture diversity and traditions, with extra effort to adapt to customer-specific request on any country, while keeping fidelity to EMITE principles.

region cc0COMMITMENT
With the Region that gave us birth, helped us grow and allowed us to consolidate, with the people that relied on us, with the technology that formed the basis of our Company, with the life style that conciliates family and work, with our POs, with our written and verbal agreements, with our given word.

service cc0PROVIDE a warm and close SERVICE
Kind, fast, professional and efficient, quality for our customers, making them feel really comfortable, with special care to interpersonal relationships.

confianzaPERSONAL relations based on mutual confidence and RESPECT
With excellent working atmosphere, aligning words with facts, listening to constructive criticisms, communicating in an open and sincere way.



Making a better world.