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Latest News and EMITE Releases






EMITE H Series Test PlatformFour main wireless carriers operate in the United States. After the approval of EMITE E-Series Test Platform by one US carrier for 4G OTA testing of devices a few years ago, the EMITE H-Series 5G OTA Test Platform has now been selected by the largest US carrier for testing 5G devices over the air. The selection ends a lengthy and thorough evaluation with several platforms considered. Among the many EMITE-inherent technical advantages considered for the selection, an outstanding full-automation and complete system and instrument control GUI software capable of batch testing overnight, the integration of climatic-control, the use of different 3GPP-approved test methods, an astonishing 0.5 dB inter-lab repeatability and the ability to operate diverse signaling boxes were considered key factors. EMITE 5G OTA Test Platforms have also been recently listed at PTCRB, and can now be considered the state-of-the-art for 5G OTA testing. EMITE will open its USA branch office near New York shortly to complement Acentury Americas local teams in Dallas and San Francisco, and will serve its USA customers even better than before. A special price campaign for H-Series 5G OTA Test Platforms after PTCRB approval is scheduled to be launched within 2019. Stay tuned.

Teknologia19TEKNOLOGIA 2019. It is one of the most important exhibitions in the North of Europe for Nordic Countries. Many 5G-related companies will take part in the exhibition. The latest advances of EMITE 5G OTA Test solutions will be presented to attendees. 3GPP-compliant F200 large-size hybrid Reverberation/Anechoic Chamber and the H300 medium-size Anechoic Chamber following represent the most versatile and advanced OTA test systems in the market today, covering FR1 and FR2 5G NR frequency bands simultaneously with both temperature and humidity control. EMITE 5G OTA Test Systems have shown devices differences in performance of up to 5dB.



The largest Telecom Operator in the USA has approved the use of EMITE H-Series CATR 5G CATR OTA Test Platform for its 5G NR RF OTA Test Plan. The approval comes after a 3-month laborious evaluation with other key players. Test Labs, OEMs and interested parties can now select and purchase the test platform and start intense 5G testing services. Telecom Carriers, Device Manufacturers (OEMs), Test Labs, and Chipsets Manufacturer, use EMITE 5G Test Platforms FR1+FR2 worldwide, and can now use them also for running 5G NR RF OTA Test Cases and submit official results to this carrier.


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EMITE latest 5G OTA testing technology will be present at the Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles next October 22nd-24th. This year, the GSMA event is focused on connectivity, including the latest industrial progress on 5G, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. EMITE has recently been approved as 5G OTA Test Vendor member by PTCRB. EMITE H‐Series is a unique 3GPP-permitted medium-size anechoic chamber for simultaneous FR1+FR2 5G OTA testing, which has submitted for validation a number of RF, RRM and Protocol Test Cases in order to help vendors bring new terminals to market quickly, develop new models and improve existing models with a fully‐automated single platform.

EMITE Anritsu MT8000A H300

Anritsu and EMITE are proud to announce that the Anritsu MT8000A test instrument, an integrated one-box test set for testing 5G NSA and SA at Sub-6 GHz and mm-Wave frequency ranges, has been successfully integrated and used in combination to the EMITE H300 CATR 5G OTA Test System to test 5G OTA figures of merit. The combination of H300 + MT8000A enables simultaneous Sub-6 GHz and millimeter-wave bands OTA measurements and beamforming tests using call connections specified by CTIA, 3GPP and PTCRB with automated reporting and pass/fail evaluation.



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