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F200 Reverberation Chamber SKAOFollowing a competitive tender process, EMITE OTA test systems, together with Australian partner company Maser, has been awarded a €1M contract by the SKA Observatory (SKAO) to manufacture and supply a reverberation chamber for the SKA project in Australia.

The SKAO is a global observatory that is building and operating cutting-edge radio telescopes that will transform our understanding of the Universe, and deliver benefits to society through global collaboration and innovation. The SKA observatory has a global footprint and consists of the SKAO Global Headquarters in the UK, the SKAO’s two telescopes at radio quiet sites in South Africa and Australia, and associated facilities to support the operations of the telescopes.

EMITE has been contracted to manufacture and supply parts for a reverberation chamber for the SKA-Low telescope. This chamber will be used to undertake the emissions compliance testing of SKA-Low telescope systems and associated hardware. Any technology used on the SKA-Low telescope site has to meet the most stringent radio interference standards ever achieved. The reverberation chamber will be used to characterise the emissions from unshielded technologies and devices, and provide the detailed information needed to determine shielding requirements.

Check what the media said about it: https://www.microwavejournal.com/articles/41072-emite-ota-test-systems-selected-by-the-ska-observatory









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