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We can serve and install Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs), radio network emulators (eNB/gNB), channel emulators (CEs), Access Points (APs) and wireless Stations (STA) from all major manufacturers with their latest OTA-verified firmware, their software drivers fully integrated in the single GUI software, optimized for OTA measurements, tailored to the customer’s specifications for an optimum value- for-money investment and licensed options and ready-to-use, providing a single point-of-contact for support and maintenance. EMITE drivers provide full control and command of auxiliary instruments in remote mode through the single Graphic User Interface (GUI). If you would like to re-use and existing unit of yours, ask your local EMITE office for a driver. Tailored-made drivers for discontinued/rare instruments are also available upon request.




Vector Network Analyzers (VNAs)

VNAs are used in our Test Systems for calibration, pre-characterization and time-domain measurements. EMITE pre-selects optimum configurations for the OTA testing needs, providing cost-effective VNA solutions for your calibrating needs.





Radio Network Emulators (eNB/gNB)

eNB/gNB are used to drive and command the radio signals to the Device Under Test (DUT) following specific standards and test plans so that the figures of merit can be measured. With a wide variety of  hardware and software options, tailoring your eNB/gNB acquisition within the turnkey Test System Integration by EMITE provides hassle-free solutions to your testing needs, while saves money for a cost-  efficient and for-your-needs-only configurations and support and maintenance of your instruments.





Channel Emulators (CEs)

CEs s are used to inject more complex fading profiles to the emulated RC test scenario. Typical injected channel models include isotropic Urban Macro (UMa-IS) and isotropic Urban Micro (UMi-IS), but a variety of channel models for LTE single and multiple carrier or WiFi, among other possibilities, can be provided to suit your testing needs. CEs provided by EMITE come hassle-free, with RC+CE channel models pre-installed and calibrated, making your complex-fading testing preparations something of the past. Tailoring your CE configurations is one of a complicated task in which EMITE provides great help.




Access Points (APs)

APs are used for traffic time-domain measurements (TCP/UDP TPUT) of wireless stations. EMITE Test Systems for WiFi MIMO OTA testing are used worldwide, with drivers providing an unheard-off automation and remote control of your wireless testing needs. Typical technologies being tested include up to WLAN 802.11ax. APs provided by EMITE can be assembled as an internal or an external module, or both, come hassle-free, with pre-calibrated test scenarios, making your complex WiFi testing preparations an ancient nightmare. Tailoring your AP configuration is a must-do task in which EMITE provides incredible help.




STAtions (STAs)

STAs are used for traffic time-domain measurements (TCP/UDP TPUT) of Access Points (APs) and Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs) granting access to cellular networks. EMITE STAtion instruments and its drivers provided unprecedented automation and remote control for AP and CPE OTA testing. STAs provided by EMITE are assembled externally and come free of problems, making your complex WiFi CPE/AP testing preparations and massive testing a new commodity.





Golden devices

EMITE are the only test systems able to mimic results from others using the patented No-VNA calibration algorithm, for which golden devices with known TRP/TIS values are used. A perfect match with STD below 0.02 dB can be obtained, making inter-lab and intra-lab differences vanish. EMITE can serve golden devices for all form factors, technologies and frequency bands.