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A wide number of accessories for calibration of the MIMO OTA test systems are available from EMITE.



mara case2 
The Discone Reference Antennas [MARA-DC]

The omnidirectional discone reference antennas are used to calibrate the chamber path loss for the scenario under test. Available Discone antennas cover the frequency range from 690 MHz to 6 GHz.




The Dipole Reference Antennas [MARA-DP]

EMITE can also provide a set of dipoles as reference antennas (MARA-DP) in the frequency band from 690 MHz to 6 GHz.




cal kit
Calibration Kit[C-K]

A high-quality low-cost SMA-M type VNA calibrations kit, valid from 690 MHz to 6 GHz,  is used to keep your VNA calibrated for performing the demanding MIMO measurements.




Basic RF accessories [B-RF]

All the RF and control cables and connectors required for basic operation of the E- and F-Series Chambers, as well as the W-Series modules. With EMITE pre-calibrated accessories and the turnkey module, reconnecting RF cables becomes a problem of the past.





Turnkey RF module [T-RF]

The Turnkey RF module, unique for EMITE E- and F- Series Chambers, allows an unprecedented calibration and testing without RF cable reconnections, providing access to unheard-off levels of automation. The Turnkey module is installed internally, and consists of a number of switches, combiners, cables, amplifiers and other RF elements which become transparent to the user, who only has to care about what parameters he wants to test.