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CTIA LOGO BLACKAfter a fruitful co-operation of over 8 years as a guest, EMITE has joined the selected group of companies of the CTIA Wireless Association as a full member. EMITE is now part of the board of companies that decide over OTA standards in the US.

emite web thumbEverything is ready for the engineers from all EMITE offices worldwide to gather next August for a full technological immersion week. EMITE support Team and Sales Engineers worldwide will reinforce both their technical knowledge and strenght support and their maintenance quality procedures thanks to the globarl model EMITE implemented one year ago "Follow the Sun"

Thanks to the strong investment the company has done in R&D and full-equipped Showrooms in Europe and Asia, EMITE has attained the state-of-the-art in its test platforms and trainers to expand the high quality support and maintenance throughput the globe.

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emite web thumbEverything is ready for the opening of EMITE’s first Show Room in Asia next week. Located at the heart of Tangzhen Industrial Park in Shanghai, China, a few miles away from Pudong International Airport and within walking distance to great hotels and malls, the first EMITE Show Room in Asia contains the latest MIMO state-of-the-art Reverberation Chamber testing technology by EMITE. Existing and potential customers are now able to eye-witness how devices with the latest technologies can be tested Over The Air. From standardized TRP/TIS tests of 2G or 3G devices, complex 8x8 passive MIMO antenna measurements to advanced 4G LTE FDD/TDD MIMO Throughput or unheard-of fully-automated overnight WLAN TCP/UDP TPUT time-domain tests, the EMITE Show Room will endeavour demonstrations and sample testing never seen before in China. The Show Room is a joint venture with Chinese CATR TA lab and Paralink Networks, and the first MIMO OTA Seminar is already been prepared for mid June, 2016.

"We are proud to have this long-wanted project become true. Our customers can now troubleshoot new prototypes and observe new testing methods and figures of merit before purchasing upgrades, and potential customers will be able to see the extraordinary advantages or our RC-based test systems, which have made us lead the RC-based MIMO OTA test arena”, said David A. Sánchez-Hernández, CEO of EMITE. "The extraordinary partnership with CATR TA lab and Paralink Networks will make this Show Room the talk of the town, and make a significant impact on our business in Asia in a very short time", added Lorenzo J. Martinez-Moya Scharpf, Sales Director of EMITE.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration, please contact EMITE China at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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EMITE Ing., a Wireless Test System Integrator, is attending the CTIA Super Mobility 2016 in Booth 4961where it will show all the advances in M2M/IoT/MIMO and latest results at CTIA or 3GPP, through its main US and Canada distributor, Acentury Inc (4861)

"We are extremely happy to attend the CTIA Super Mobility again taking the opportunity to show the market our new advances in Wireless Testing Solutions, especially our new MPS (Multipurpose System for EMC/MIMO/SISO/M2M)", said David A. Sánchez-Hernández, CEO of EMITE.

emite web thumbAfter a careful evaluation, the leading rugged notebook manufacturer, based in Japan, has selected EMITE Test Systems for their LTE and WiFi MIMO OTA design, development and compliance testing teams. The customer defines EMITE Test Systems as the cutting edge testing technology, clearly at the forefront in terms of testing capabilities and automation, able to provide a response to their needs up to 8x8 MIMO. The selection includes EMITE knowledgeable distributor and local technical support by Netwell Corporation.

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