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PT100 copia

Small 8-antenna Reverberation Chamber PT Series

WLAN (2.4 and 5 GHz bands), Bluetooth and Internet Of Things 

The PT Series Small 8-antenna Reverberation Chamber is a one-of-its-own OTA test chamber worldwide. Capable of simultaneously testing up to 4 DUTs, the small chamber is perfect for WLAN 802.11abgnac (2.4 and 5 GHz bands), Bluetooth 802.15.1 1.0/2.0, wireless Internet of Things (W-IoT) and Production OTA Testing in non-signaling, providing unheard-of ultra-fast test times with very good accuracy and repeatability and the smallest footprint on the market. In addition to TRP and TIS SISO testing, Downlink and Uplink TCP/UDP MIMO TPUT tests can be run for wireless stations (STAs) and Access Points (APs) in a variety of Operating Systems (Windows, Android, iOS, mac OS and Tizen), with user-selectable technology, band, channel (including DFS ones), bandwidth, antennas, rates (MCS) and other parameters in an individual manner for each test on a batch, which can then be run overnight in an unsupervised manner, something that only the PT Series from EMITE can do for WLAN testing.


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8x8 MIMO Analyzer E Series

690 MHz to 6 GHz 

Reverberation Chambers have never been so smart. The E Series MIMO Analyzer multicavity reverberation chambers can make single measurements, protocols or campaign tests for different frequency bands, different technologies and different channel models, in one batch test running overnight without human intervention. Embedded frequency-, mode-, source- and platform-stirring allow Passive MIMO, Active MIMO OTA (TRP/TIS/TPUT) and Traffic MIMO (TCP/UDP) measurements to be performed for antennas and devices ranging from 2G to 5G, covering all available cellular and wireless technologies to date.


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8x8 MIMO Analyzer F Series

200 MHz to 6 GHz 

Reverberation Chambers have never been so versatile. The F Series MIMO Analyzer Reverberation Chamber contain the same unique test features of their E Series counterparts, expanding testing capabilities to large form-factor devices under test (DUTs) like laptops, large TV sets, solar and trash compactors, fridges or washing and vending machines, among others. With up to 8 available channels and test volumes up to 4.5 m3 including full-body phantoms in a turntable, the F Series also expands the frequency range down to cover 200 MHz up to 6 GHz frequency ranges.


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EMITE makes it simple. Global integration, totally modular and upgradable MIMO & M2M reverberation chamber test systems with a single point of contact, EMITE offers a unique wireless testing design solution & service around the world. EMITE, your wireless testing partner.